> Last night I was able to read all the pages on the sister from Aksdal's
> book but today it doesn't work... 

I think I've finally got it to work - except in Netscape. But it works in 
Opera, Avant and IE. Pages 1-3 is the section on the sister. The next two pages 
are an inventory of sistere in Norway. The last page is from the section on the 
lutter. The painting on this page depicts an instrument that is a bit like one 
that Bellman is seen playing (in a picture sent to me by FRank Nordberg).

Anyway, it said that the earliest
> instruments by Amund Hansen resembled the cithrinchen, but that he later
> developed a pearshaped variant which he called "sitrenke". This instrument
> was copied by other norwegian intrument makers, so there was clearly a
> distinct norwegian cittern tradition around 1800!

> Aksdal also mentions a manuscript with instructions and pieces in french
> tabulature, so there is more to explore!

That's really surprising. The music for the British, French and Portuguese 
variants (and the Swedish too, I think) is in ordinary music notation. 

I wonder what size these instruments are, and what is a typical string length: 
42cms like the C-tuned British ones or 50 cms like the French? Or something 
else again?

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