Am 16.02.2017 um 14:00 schrieb Mark Allan:

On 16 Feb 2017, at 12:48 pm, Reindl Harald <> wrote:

Am 16.02.2017 um 13:39 schrieb ellanios82:
On 02/16/17 02:59, Al Varnell wrote:
I'm afraid it's going to be more trouble than it's worth. You will
need to turn debugging on when you scan that mailbox which will
produce a huge amount of output, but includes details about exactly
what was found. You would then need to search that mailbox in
Thunderbird for the offending URL and decide whether you need the
message or it can be deleted. A SpoofedDomain finding is not
necessarily an attempt to misdirect you. It's a technique sometimes
used to give a message clarity.

thanks Al : am trying debug to find specific message causing probs :

have adjusted /etc/clamd.conf to :

# Enable debug messages in libclamav.
# Default: no
# Feb 16, 2017
Debug yes

But , how to collect info into Log-File :

this does not work for me :

clamscan --debug

- What please is correct syntax ?

unix basics :-)
stdout versus stderr 

A more helpful answer (which is quicker to type than digging out URLs) is simply to 
add 2>&1 to the end of your command, to redirect stderr to stdout.

clamscan --debug /home/user/.thunderbird/9i9wirek.default/Mail/ 
<> >> clamdeb.txt 2>&1

i wonder how it is more helpful when somebody blindly does copy&paste without understand what he is doing and so get conditioned to that with any random stuff found on some webpage

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