On Tue, Oct 23, 2018, at 11:50, Paul Kosinski wrote:
> "...it works smoothly for a very large number of people, myself
> included."
> It would be interesting to know what percentage have experienced our
> original problem of all mirrors ending up blacklisted. I also wonder
> how many ClamAV users monitor their logs: I don't remember ClamAV
> *actively* reporting when signatures are out date (like some
> Windows AV does).
> "Have you absolutely ruled out the possibility of someone having set up
> a transparent proxy on your border router(s)?"
> I guess I wouldn't put it past Comcast/Xfinity to interpose a proxy,
> but if the proxy is transparent, how would one detect it? And would a
> proxy once in a while be over an hour out of date? Maybe nobody in
> *this* part of the Boston area uses ClamAV, but Boston is not exactly
> Ulaanbaatar Mongolia (an actual Cloudflare mirror!).

http://www.lagado.com/tools/cache-test can be used to detect caching 
(transparent or otherwise).

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