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Subject: Re: [clapf-users] webui + ldap user auth backend
Date: Tue, 21 Sep 2010 10:21:59 +0200
From: pete <>
To: Janos SUTO <>

> I think it would be better to ship the original qmail.schema file,
> and create a clapf specific schema which adds like
> objectClass: clapfUser

i agree, this would make things more clear

>> "Note 2: the password field is the crypt()'ed password of the given
> Actually the webui uses MD5 for passwords. To verify it, I recommend
> you to change a password in the webui for user xy, then try to access
> his other services with the new password. It should work.

I recompiled clapf, did a new install, purged both mysql databases (token,
history), imported the sql initializator scripts, did a training, copied
clapf init.d script to /etc/init.d/, copied config to the new
I also copied the webui from the sources to the place from where the
webserver can serve it, re-did setup from zero. 

I manually created the clapfadmin user, by creating a new object from
scratch, adding the necessary objectclasses and attributes as the example
ldif file said. 

Now it is working... Mystery (or i was a bit tired). Thanks for the
support on this. 

Clapf does not have currently write access to the directory. I plan to use
the webui for the sole purpose for letting users traint their own part of
the token database. Apart from this, everybody will have the very same
setting for mail filtering (no policy groups, no admins etc.). I do not
plan to use the passwd change function (it is handled elsewhere, with
logging, enforcing password policies and notifying admins and the account
owner about this event), and if it become possible in the future then i
will disable these fields in the ui.



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