Dear clapf-users,

the final 0.4.6 release is almost ready, only one feature is missing
I'd like to complete - if possible.

Let's assume the following scenario: you have a mailing list, an email
address in the t_email table, so far, so good. The problem is that if
a spam hits the list, and a recpient wants to train the spamfilter, it's
not possible, because the email is not in his queue directory, but in
the mailing list's directory.

To overcome this limitation I've created a t_quarantine_group table
which holds uid associations with the list. To fill this table I have
to query the members of list.

I've succeeded to make it with Active Directory, and now I would like
to add this feature to openldap, too.

So if you have any mailing lists defined in LDAP, please send me its
attributes, to figure out how to do the necessary uid pairing. (Of course,
it's fine if you send me a dummy one, just let it be a valid LDIF).

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