Dear clapf-users,

I proudly present the latest version of clapf. This release includes
lots of bugfixes and improvements.


- LDAP is not supported by clapf any more. However clapf has a utility
(ldap_sync.php) to import user data (including email addresses) to the
clapf database. However clapf stores all the data it needs in either
mysql or sqlite3.

- users can be organised into groups, ie. all members of the given group
(with the same gid value) share the same token set.

- added logging support to the webui: it logs who does what.

- better tokenisation

- added a health monitor to the webui: it checks whether all the necessary
daemons are running, it may give you an insight to the mail queue (via, processor load, etc.

- added a 'mynetwork' variable to clapf: it will skip antispam checks for
all hosts which are on this list

- added an Outlook macro to provide a convinient way for users to train
clapf with a single click. Find it in the contrib directory.

- added ESET support to clapf. If you prefer clapf to do the antispam check
but you love eset as an antivirus product, clapf supports it.

- several bugfixes even in the training process

- redesigned quarantine to allow administrators to get an aggregated view
making their job much easier.

You can download the 0.4.7 release from the usual place:
md5: c441779103a81d8a9d5ccc7544bb5f9a

If you are upgrading, be sure to read the upgrade docs:

Best regards,

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