Hi Surender,

I'm not sure what you mean about not being able to reply through the mailing 
list - I think this email went to the mailing list :).

That is odd. What is log_level set to if you run ' log_level="";. 
/etc/clearwater/config; echo $log_level'? And what is it set to if you run 
'log_level="";. /etc/clearwater/user_settings; echo $log_level'?

The /etc/clearwater/config file is the config file that all of our processes 
actually read from. As you can see, this file pulls in all of our other config 
files (shared_config, local_config and user_settings).


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Subject: Re: [Project Clearwater] SIP Trunking With PBX_aio

Hi Graeme,

I am not able to reply through mailing list as I already created the account.

I requesting you for quick response...

ims.hcl.com is another deployment.

I putted the said line in user_setting file and  restart the sprout but showing 
Log level set to 2 ,fine below logs and also find the attached sprout logs .

[cw-aio]root@cw-aio:~# sudo service sprout restart
* Restarting Sprout SIP Router sprout                                          
Log directory set to /var/log/sprout
Log level set to 2
16-09-2016 11:10:01.436 UTC Status utils.cpp:494: Switching to daemon mode
                                                                         [ OK ]

-----user_settings file is under the path etc/Clearwater is----


I have one more query, what is meaning of config file under the path 

-------config  file------------------
if [ -f /etc/clearwater/shared_config ]
  . /etc/clearwater/shared_config

. /etc/clearwater/local_config

if [ -f /etc/clearwater/user_settings ]
  . /etc/clearwater/user_settings

Surender Singh


Hi Surender,

I noticed there are lots of instances of "Invalid ENUM response:
sip:@example.com" so it looks as though something is misconfigured, but it's
not immediately obvious what. I think it would be useful to turn on debug
logging for Sprout in order to dig into this issue further. In order to do
this, add the line 'log_level=5' to /etc/clearwater/user_settings (creating it
if it doesn't exist) and restart Sprout (by running sudo service sprout
restart). This will cause far more detailed logs to be written to the Sprout
log files.

Incidentally, I thought (from an earlier thread) that you'd changed your home
domain from example.com to ims.hcl.com - is that on a different deployment? I
just wanted to make sure there was no confusion here.


From: Surender Singh
Sent: 15 September 2016 17:54
To: 'clearwater@lists.projectclearwater.org' 
Subject: RE: SIP Trunking With PBX_aio

Hi Team,

Kindly help

Please share the procedure to connect the SIP trunk with PBX.

I already tried many combination but  in/out calls failing in IMS.

When I also checking IBCF functionality are enabled or not then showing below 

[cw-aio]ubuntu@cw-aio:~$ sudo /usr/share/clearwater/bin/bono
/usr/share/clearwater/bin/bono: error while loading shared libraries: 
libmemcached.so.11: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Surender Singh

From: Surender Singh
Sent: 14 September 2016 17:26
Subject: SIP Trunking With PBX_aio

Hi team,

I deployed the aio solution in my Vmware Exsi  and made the connectivity with 
Mitel IP-PBX .

As per doc and mailing list  I made the Following entry .

1)      As per mailing IBCF and BGCF functionality are provided by BONO

2)      I create the one user-settings file (already not created ) under the 
path =/etc/clearwater/user_settings  with entry like 
trusted_peers="<>,<>,<>" . Here is my PBX ip.

3)      After that I make the entry for bfcg.json and enum.json under the path 
=/etc/clearwater/sample. And then run the command sudo 
/usr/share/clearwater/clearwater-config-manager/scripts/upload_bgcf_json and 
enum_json. Post this command both files created the path under /etc/Clearwater. 
Files contents are


      "routes" : [
        {   "name" : "Clearwater AIO_TO_PBX",
          "domain" : "",
          "route" : ["sip:example.com:5058","sip:"]


    "number_blocks" : [
           "name" : "Internal numbers",
           "prefix" : "650555",
           "regex" : "!(^.*$)!sip:\\1@!"

            "name" : "External numbers",
            "prefix" : "",
            "regex" : "!(^.*$)!sip:\\1@!"

My IP Scheme are: : PBX IP address IMS IP address and Domain is example.com : my System ip where Zoper client insall

My call Flow is:-

SIP Client A(Registered in PBX) calls to -> SIP Client B (Registered in ims 
with example.com domain )

When I make the call from A to B then call coming in IMS network but getting 
error 'Not found 404' because B number registered with 
xxx...@exmaple.com<mailto:xxx...@exmaple.com> .

Please find the attached wireshark traces and BONO, Sprout logs

Note : I also not able to call from from B to A Also

Surender Singh

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