Hi Surender,

At the end of originating processing at the S-CSCF, we do an ENUM lookup and 
find a match and translate the Request URI to 
sip:1234@;transport=TCP. We then identify that this is not a local 
user, so we send it to the BGCF to route off-net. The BGCF thinks there are no 
routes configured for, and so it just attempts normal SIP 
proxying - i.e. it sends the INVITE to, which is your PBX. 
It looks as though (from an earlier email) that you were hoping to route it via 
Bono (as an IBCF) but for some reason this configuration hasn't been picked up. 
However, I'm not sure there's actually any value to including the IBCF in this 
flow - the same INVITE would still end up being routed to

Project Clearwater is designed as a spec-compliant IMS core. In the IMS world, 
the user in the To header is never really used, and we never touch it. This is 
not very consistent with the original standards for SIP detailed in 
RFC3261<https://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc3261.txt>, so we don't always interoperate 
perfectly with non-IMS devices. I'm afraid I don't know anything about your 
PBX, but if it is non-IMS and is expecting the To header to contain a certain 
value, then this would explain why it is rejecting the call. If you really need 
to re-write the To header on your request, and you are not averse to writing a 
bit of code, Sprout provides a really easy-to-use API for developing your own 
app server. https://github.com/Metaswitch/greeter is a sample application 
server that uses this API and simply adds the header "Subject: Hello world!" to 
a SIP message - you could write something similar that changes to the To header 
on your SIP messages. Alternatively, Metaswitch has a commercial product called 
which can be deployed as an IBCF, and which has a SIP Message Manipulation 
Framework which you would be able to use to alter your To header.



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Hi Graeme/Team,


1) Now Incoming calls are working from PBX to IMS .

2) For Outgoing calls ,able to send request Invite to PBX IP but 
getting 404 no route to destination/Not found.

3) Can you suggest me what parameter (To Header or Request URI) are checked by 
the Peer node (PBX) to terminate the calls.

4) I also not able to understand configuration/calls flow  in BGCF.JSON. How 
IMS route the calls using BGCF.JSON.

Please find some below  logs of Sprout....

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