Without seeing the trace for myself, I can’t really say.

Did you take this capture from the docker host, or from the Sprout node? If it 
was from the docker host, then it’s likely that what you’re seeing is:

·         Sprout sends a message to the Docker host at

·         Docker translates that into a message to, as it knows 
that’s the App Server’s internal IP address


From: Clearwater [] On 
Behalf Of Anthony Lee
Sent: 31 January 2018 16:17
Subject: [Project Clearwater] Why Clearwater send two register request to my 

I defined my application server's IP address in IFC for specific user in 
The application server is running in a Docker container.
The IP address in IFC is something like "".
The internal IP address of the Docker container is "".

From the wireshark Clearwater sends two Register request to Application server:
One to and another one to

Why it does this? From where it knows

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