I assume you are following the instructions on Read the Docs and have 
configured the APT software source as shown under 

Can you double check that you’ve added “deb http://repo.cw-ngv.com/stable 
binary/<http://repo.cw-ngv.com/stable%20binary/>” to 

What output do you get when you run “sudo apt-get update”?

It should contain the following lines, amongst many others:

Hit http://repo.cw-ngv.com binary/ Packages

Hit http://repo.cw-ngv.com binary/ Release.gpg

Hit http://repo.cw-ngv.com binary/ Release


From: Clearwater On Behalf Of Pushpendra
Sent: 16 February 2018 17:18
To: clearwater-ow...@lists.projectclearwater.org
Subject: Unable to locate package

Hi sir,
I am using virtualbox and install 6 ubuntu machine 14.04.1 version. I am 
following the manual installation in the doc. When I install machine in every 
vm luke ellis, bono etc but the command give unable to locate package ellis, 
unable to locate package bono resutund etc. I am using bridge adapter in 
network instead NAT or anything. I have set the proxy in every machine. I got 
ip of every vm in the same network as that of host machine(x.x.x.201) vms 
having (x.x.x.152, x.x.x.157, x.x.x.206, x.x.x.207, x.x.x.208, x.x.x.209). I am 
able ping each vm from other but I got unable to locate package ellis, bono, 
restund, sprout, vellum, etc. Please help me out.. I have tried various ways 
but not able to fix that. Thanx in advance.

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