Clementine is the closest I have found on Mac for my music player 
requirements... basically, I can more or less do what I was able to do with 
MusicBee back in my Windows days.

Anyway, your music is not copied into Clementine, it is still being 
referenced to the micro sd card and all the tag changes you made will be 
reflected on there.  All you need to do is copy the contents of the micro 
sd card to your folder of choice on your Mac and then you can link to that 
in Clementine.

If you ever want to copy or move a file(s) to a different folder, select 
and right-click on it while it is playing in a playlist and then you can 
use either the "copy to library..." or "move to library..." options. 
 Unfortunately that has stopped working for me on my Mac for at least half 
a year because it doesn't give me an option anymore to select my 
destination folder.

On a related note, my media buttons stopped working with the newest 
versions.  The last version where the media buttons are still working is 
one and that is the one I'm still using.  I try new versions from time-time 
to see if either the copy/move to library function or the media buttons 
start working again but no luck so far ;-)   I would be keen to know if 
they work for you.

One last thing I can mention in terms of how I find working with Clementine 
the easiest is not to make use of its own library function but rather to 
create a playlist and then use the "Playlist" - "add folder" command to add 
my music folder containing everything.  The reason why I do that is that I 
have found the library does not add, for some or other reason, all my 
music.  I also find it easier to use the search bar to look at e.g. all the 
songs from a band.  You can use search terms such as e.g. "artist:U2" in 
the search bar to only search for the term u2 in the artist column rather 
than in all the columns.

Clementine is not perfect, but it is much better than anything else for my 
needs on Mac.  Hope you come right!   

On Wednesday, August 9, 2017 at 3:17:45 AM UTC+2, Music101 wrote:
> Hello there, new to Clementine and still figuring it out, but so far, I'm 
> loving it. I also just purchased a new Macbook pro, which Clementine is 
> currently running on. Therefore I'm still learning both the software and 
> the OS. Anyway, I just copied all of the music from my 128gb micro sd card 
> into Clementine, I've been editing the tags a bit, playing around with it, 
> good stuff. But my question is, How do I then put the newly tagged music in 
> Clementine into a new folder directly onto my Mac? Is there a shortcut I'm 
> missing? Clicking and dragging doesn't seem to work. I'd just like to know 
> that my music is in a folder directly on my hard drive, as well as on 
> Clementine. Is this making any sense? I don't quite know what I'm doing. 
> Any help/directions would be greatly appreciated. Please and thank you. 

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