I keep my music collection on a network storage device. This works fine for 
anything that can play music (VLC, RhythmBox etc)
What I've noticed with Clementine, because it often skips and buffers when 
I play from the NAS, is that I will see download rates of 6 to 12 MB/s the 
whole time the song is playing. These are songs that are usually 6 to 12 MB 
in size, and if I just grab them from the NAS and download them directly, 
they're on my desktop in a flash. Why is Clementine "streaming" at such a 
high rate the whole time the song is playing? Shouldn't it just pull the 
whole song over, load into memory and be done with it?
If I manage to make it through the whole song despite the skipping, and I 
decide to replay the song, then things seem normal: download rates are 
about 0.3 MB/s, and the song doesn't buffer or skip.
So why is Clementine downloading massive amounts of data for one measly 
song? How can I change this behavior?

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