ClojureCLR is up on clojure-contrib.  Look in trunk/ClojureCLR.

Previously mentioned here at

Compatible with pre-lazy Clojure (r1279).  (See versions.txt in the
root directory.)

Status:  definitely alpha.  Developers only at this point.

Alpha = rough edges, incomplete features, slow.

The biggest missing pieces for casual experimentation is load/load-
file, lib support.  (The hardcore can figure out how core.clj gets
loaded and play with that.)  Fixing this is next on the list.

At the moment, I'm most interested in seeing if a few hardy souls are
willing to download the code and get it running.  Instructions are in
install.txt in the root directory.  Let me know if the instructions
are not clear or if you run into any problems.  (The code's been up
for a few days. At least one person (shoover -- thanks) found it and
got it running.)



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