Ubergraph is a batteries-loaded, immutable graph data structure for Clojure.

Version 0.5.0 updates ubergraph to match the latest protocol changes in
Loom 1.0.0 and above.

Ubergraph has now been in use for over three years, and has no open bug
reports in github.

Given that Loom is Clojure's other main graph library, many people are
interested in how Ubergraph and Loom compare.

Broadly speaking, Ubergraph is a superset of Loom that fulfills Loom's
protocols offering several features and algorithms beyond what Loom

* Multigraphs and multidigraphs with parallel edges, i.e., multiple edges
between the same pair of nodes in the same direction.
* Multiple weights per edge (as opposed to one "privileged" weight
* Weights that are modifiable after initialization (in the immutable sense
of producing a new graph structure with modified weights).
* Mixtures of directed and undirected edges in the same graph.
* The ability to distinguish between an undirected edge and an opposing
pair of directed edges.
* The ability to traverse all a graph's edges while guaranteeing that
undirected edges are visited only once.

Because Ubergraph implements Loom protocols, Ubergraph can typically be
used as a drop-in replacement for Loom graphs.  For the most part, Loom's
graph algorithms work on ubergraphs, and Ubergraph's graph algorithms work
on loom graphs.  There are some exceptions to this, because in some cases,
the implementation of Loom's algorithms were not carefully implemented to
rely only on Loom's protocol abstractions, but were hard-coded to specific
aspects of Loom's concrete implementation.  And since Loom wasn't written
with multigraphs in mind, some of Loom's algorithms don't work properly on

Ubergraph's algorithm namespace contains a curated collection of algorithms
from Loom known to work properly on ubergraph's more general data
structure, improved versions of several critical algorithms from Loom, and
reimplementations of several key algorithms from Loom known to be broken on

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