# mult: hypothetical clojure(script) extension for vscode


## rationale

- clojure(script) IDE experience is no minor issue - it's the thing between
you and programs

- the editor and the extension
  - should be long-term satisfactory, enjoyable and even inspiring
  - should be open source
  - should be written in clojure, or at least the extension should be
written in clojure(script)
    - for simplicity
    - for asynchrony done via processes
- the extension should
  - support multiple repl connections from one editor window
  - have a file configuration (for user and projects), where
connections and repls can be specified (to not depend on key-combo
connection sequences)
  - be simpler, code-wise and feature-wise
- making an editor in clojure is, no doubt, a goal, but the extension
for an existing editor is a logical first step
  - the work of making an extension is trasferrable even into an
editor written in clojure, so the work won't be lost
- existing editor + extension combos
  - Emacs + Cider
    - perfect, if you're into it
  - IntelliJ + Cursive
    - both closed source, Cursive comes with conditions
  - VSCode + Calva
    - can be considered the current best option
    - VSCode is the undeniable best open source editor
    - Calva works perfectly, but is written in typescript
    - nodejs runtime is undesirable, but not a problem

Should mult be made ? Critique, comments are appreciated.

Rationale can also be found here(same):


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