Just 2 quick points before I go back to migrate to shadow-cljs & leiningen 

"just does not seem well defined "
This is not a line of argument you want to pursue when we are talking about 
maven, who has had a stable order for what feels like decades now.
If you need a current link: 
(search for "first")

To your comment re Intellij: you can actually use Intellij to build and it 
uses its own project configuration to do that and cobble together the 
classpath (in many cases it merely syncs with maven/lein etc.). In a way, 
Intellij acts like clj: It builds a classpath and runs stuff.

Also, arguing that "JARs need to be fixed" is interesting,  as I can get 
*any* resource with `(io/resource...)` and will get different answers 
depending on CLASSPATH order. If that order changes in between minor 
versions of clj, that makes it an unstable build system.
Just try to io-resource '/log4j.properties', for funsies. If in version A 
of clj I'm getting my own /log4j.properties and in version I'm getting the 
one from some other JAR, it's a problem.

If I run 
find . -name "*.jar" -exec unzip -l {} \; | awk '{print $4}' | sort | less
in ~/.m2
to crudely get all file names for all my cached jars,
I can find 4 instances of 'public/index.html' 
3 of 'public/css/style.css' etc. etc.

Please return to at least having :paths at the front of the CLASSPATH.


On Tuesday, August 11, 2020 at 2:15:57 PM UTC-7 Alex Miller wrote:

> On Tue, Aug 11, 2020 at 3:01 PM 'bed...@yahoo.com' via Clojure <
> clo...@googlegroups.com> wrote:
>> Here's some maven-specific discussion: 
>> https://stackoverflow.com/questions/793054/maven-classpath-order-issue.
>> They have a defined order since 2.0.9. and declaration order is 
>> considered for transitive dependencies conflict.
> Unfortunately, neither that 11 year old SO answer nor the referenced jiras 
> actually document, explain, or refer to any documentation about the 
> ordering, or afaict commit to anything specific other than reproducibility. 
> I'm not saying this is your fault or anything, just does not seem well 
> defined to me other than as an artifact of implementation.
> For libs, Maven (and I presume lein which relies on Maven libs for this) 
> uses the ordering of deps in the pom wrt the ordering in the classpath. clj 
> intentionally does not include this ordering - the libs are in an unordered 
> map, the version selection algorithm is completely different, etc. If this 
> matters, then one of your deps is broken and should be fixed.
>> Intellij's Dependencies tab in Module settings: You can re-order the 
>> dependencies and they reflect in the classpath.
> Not sure that has anything to do with Maven or lein, seems orthogonal to 
> the question here.
>> lein classpath -> local paths added first, JARs afterwards
>> Please consider returning to a :paths first, then :deps in a stable order.
> I will consider some options.
>> I know it is not pretty and it is not desirable for code to be dependent 
>> on that, but resource-loading uses the CLASSPATH and that makes the order 
>> of dependencies intrinsically linked to locating resources. 
>> I'd also rather fighweel-main behave differently, but it relies on 
>> (io/resource "public/index.html")
> I think that is perfectly ok - the problem here is whether a jar includes 
> that resource, which is likely to conflict. I'd be very interested to know 
> whether this is actually a jar or an issue with the ordering of your local 
> paths. To check where it's finding index.html:
> clj -e "((requiring-resolve 'clojure.java.io/resource) 
> \"public/index.html\")"

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