Your loop/recur in your pt5 function is still not good. Take the time to 
read the loop/recur documentation and to understand examples.

A Clojure loop/recur is not really a loop like in other procedural 
It is more akin to a new function call at the `loop` point with new args 
provided by the `recur` call.

If you continue with the function call metaphor
The `loop` call defines 3 things:
  - the starting point of the function
  - the argument name of the function
  - the **initial values** of those arguments

When you need to call again that function with new arguments, you use 
`recur` with **new values**.
When you don't need to recur, well... dont call `recur` :) and just 
evaluate a last expression which is the result of the `loop` expression.


Le dimanche 26 décembre 2021 à 02:35:47 UTC+1, hank....@gmail.com a écrit :

> Thank for the answers.
> Trying to recur with '(recur (.read bfr))' resulted in a:
> Syntax error (UnsupportedOperationException) compiling recur at 
> (*cider-repl ~:localhost:41097(clj)*:237:9).
> Can only recur from tail position
> So I changed the code (see below). 
> And now it complains that a previous form that was working '(.append 
> etc..') doesn't and the same error remains. 
> user> (pt5 myfile)
> Execution error (IllegalArgumentException) at java.lang.Character/toChars 
> (Character.java:8572).
> Not a valid Unicode code point: 0xFFFFFFFF
> (defn pt5 [file]
>    (let [afr (FileReader. file); instances of FileReader, BufferedReader, 
> StringBuffer
>          bfr (BufferedReader. afr)
>          ct (StringBuilder.)
>          this-list (list afr bfr ct)]
>          ; (apply println this-list)
>          (loop [val (.read bfr)]
>                (when (not (= val -1))
>                  (.append ct (Character/toChars (.read bfr))))
>                (recur val))
>                 ; when finished...
>                 (.toString ct)))
> Harder then it seemed at first sight...
> -- Hank

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