I just wrote a small app that needs to connect to a MySQL app. I was 
running it on my laptop, connecting to MySQL on the laptop, and everything 
was working fine. Then I wanted to connect to one of our test databases in 
RDS in AWS. I've a simple function that finds the environment variables and 
returns them as a map:

(defn get-config
   :dbtype "mysql"
   :dbname (System/getenv "DATABASE_NAME")
   :user (System/getenv "DATABASE_USER")
   :password (System/getenv "DATABASE_PASSWORD")
   :host (System/getenv "DATABASE_HOST")

This is used simply:
  ds (jdbc/get-datasource  (get-config))

I've checked the environment values several times and they are correct. But 
when the code tries to write to the RDS database, I get: 

*java.sql.SQLException*: *Access denied for user 
'pulseuser'@'cpe-74-71-234-49.nyc.res.rr.com' (using password: YES)*

I am connecting to the Internet through Spectrum, and apparently "rr.com" 
is Spectrum. I'm confused, why would next.jdbc use this info? Did I forget 
some important value in the hash map? 

>From my laptop, I can reach the RDS database using the MySQL CLI, so there 
are no problems with connectivity. I whitelisted the IP address of my 
house. This is something specific about what next.jdbc needs in that hash 
map, I think.

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