Here's the link to Daniel's talk - "Clay -- a tiny ball of mud with your 
favourite tools inside"

On Saturday, April 16, 2022 at 4:51:54 PM UTC+8 wrote:

> Hello!! :)
> We just ended today's meetup!
> [image: 20220416_ClojureAsia_3.png]
> Daniel Slutsky gave an enjoyable talk on clay - a new visual tool meant 
> to integrate with existing tools like Portal, Clerk and Scittle (And had 
> an insightful discussion thereafter :)) (I will be uploading the talk on 
> the Clojure Asia YouTube channel 
> <> in time)
> For our sessions, we have a monthly flash talk (10 to 15 min). This not 
> only give us ample time for introductions/quick catch-ups before the talk 
> and discussions after the talk, but is also more approachable for members 
> who would like to volunteer their time to give a talk :D
> For those who were interested in joining but were unable to, we will be 
> having these meetups once a month so hope to see you for upcoming sessions!
> Do join us on the #clojure-asia channel 
> <> on the Clojurian 
> Slack, follow and refer to the Clojure-Asia 
> Online Meetup Schedule for 2022 - Google Calendar 
> <> for the dates we have 
> planned for future sessions (every 3rd Saturday of the month)
> Zachary (zackteo)
> On Saturday, April 9, 2022 at 9:49:24 AM UTC+8 Clojure Asia wrote:
>> Hello! :) We will be having our Clojure-Asia April Meetup in a week's 
>> time!
>> We will be having a talk given by Daniel Slutsky titled "Clay -- a tiny 
>> ball of mud with your favourite tools insideā€
>> Here's an abstract:
>> The Clojure visual tooling scene is growing beautifully, with amazing 
>> tools such as Portal and Clerk.
>> Clay is a thin layer wrapping a few of those tools in harmony, offering a 
>> playful & dynamic workflow for data exploration and documentation.
>> At the meeting we will share an initial working version of Clay, discuss 
>> its goals, and demonstrate its use through a data analysis problem.
>> The talk will be followed by QnA/discussion. Hope to see you there! :D
>> Meeting Details:
>> Date: 16th April 2022 (Saturday)
>> Time: 1330-1500 SGT (0530-0700 UTC)
>> Location: Jitsi (Easy to setup open source video conferencing) (will 
>> email the link in time)
>> Contact Info:
>> Email:
>> Slack/Telegram: @zackteo
>> Please fill up the form here:
>> Also:
>> Do join us on the #clojure-asia channel in the Clojurian Slack: 
>> Here's the google calendar link for planned Clojure-Asia Meetups in 2022 
>> (every 3rd Saturday of the month): 

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