Hello! My name is Deyan, and I'm the teamlead of the Collections team at Shareablee: a startup that was recently acquired by Comscore. We would like to hire a Senior Clojure Backend Developer.

Here's a small post I wrote for our tech blog:


And here's a press release about Comscore acquiring us:


In the Collections team, we use Clojure. We actually have a pretty large and fairly recent code base: a big part of it checked with clj-kondo! We like malli, a beautiful library we use for data description and validation. We like Kafka: it does one thing and it does it pretty well, we use it a lot.

Shareablee has given us a good atmosphere. Working together through Covid created some strong bonds. We get along well with each other, with product management, with ops. Comscore's acquisition has given us safety and means.

We are open to hiring pretty much anywhere in the world. Some of us, myself included, work exclusively from home. Most of the team is located in Poland, and we have an office there.

If you are interested, please send us a message: dyot...@comscore.com and adomag...@comscore.com


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