There are now (once again) Debian-based official clojure Docker images 
published on Docker Hub (here:

As many of you may remember, we recently had to move all of our images from 
their old openjdk base to eclipse-temurin base images because the openjdk 
images were no longer being supported nor updated upstream. This brought 
with it a transition to Ubuntu-based images from the Debian-based ones we 
had been using (plus some Alpine-based options here and there; which will 
still be available as long as upstream keeps publishing them).

The Ubuntu images are mostly fine and compatible with Debian commands, 
package names, etc. except for one increasingly problematic issue: Ubuntu 
has been replacing more and more deb packages with snaps that you can't 
easily install in a Docker container.

Therefore following the eclipse-temurin documentation's advice for how to 
build images based on other distros, we have published images that derive 
from the official debian images but copy the Temurin JDK bits over from the 
official eclipse-temurin images.

You can use these Debian-based images by 
replacing -jammy or -focal with -bullseye or -bullseye-slim in your Docker 
tags. I'm leaving -jammy as the default for now to minimize breakage, but I 
don't recommend staying on the Ubuntu images.

If you never transitioned from the old openjdk images to the new temurin 
ones, that job is now even easier because the Debian-based images will be 
even more similar to the ones you're using. Do note that following Debian's 
naming convention upstream, we are using bullseye-slim instead of 
slim-bullseye as we used to before the openjdk -> temurin transition.

The Ubuntu-based images will continue to be published for the foreseeable 
future (unless the eclipse-temurin folks reach a similar conclusion about 
the better distro to use in their images).

Let me know if you have any questions or run into any issues using the new 

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