I'm new to Clojure. How can I add @ChannelPipelineCoverage("one")
annotation to a proxy as in?

I tried:
(def handler
  (proxy [SimpleChannelUpstreamHandler] []
    (messageReceived [ctx e]
      ((.println System/out) "hello"))))

(with-meta handler {:annotations ["ChannelPipelineCoverage" "one"]})

But there is error:
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.ClassCastException:
cannot be cast to clojure.lang.IObj


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From: Matt Revelle <mreve...@gmail.com>
Date: Mar 25, 1:15 am
Subject: Annotations and gen-class
To: Clojure

On Mar 24, 10:19 am, Sean <francoisdev...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Some working code would make it a lot easier to understand *exactly*
> what you're looking for.  Do you think you could post a few quick
> methods on github?

No need for gist, this will do as an example:
(ns some.namespace
    :methods [^#{:annotations [SomeAnnotation]} [aMethod [T] S]]

This adds an annotation, SomeAnnotation, to the gen-class'd method,

> If memory serves, the reflections package should
> be a good place to start.

> However, you'd need to ask *why* you need this.

> If the answer is "I need to work with and modify a pre-existing, pre-
> tested, needs-to-stay-in-production application", then this is a great
> idea.  Clojrue should help you glue your components together.

> If your answer is "I'm making a brand new application", or "This is
> for a side project", this might be a bad approach.  Annotations
> generally are used to make up for a weakness in the Java language.
> Some Clojure language features could probably do the job better

> * Dynamic Typing
> * First class functions
> * Sequence functions. such as map/reduce/filter etc.
> * Macros

> Specifically, I think Guice (and other DI tools) should be avoided.
> They are the antithesis of functional programming, and first class
> functions will make your life much easier.  Try re-thinking about a
> problem in a functional style.  I'm willing to bet that you'll have a
> solution that is easier to write, easier to test, and will scale
> better.

You're preaching to the choir.  The reasoning behind supporting
annotations in gen-class is the
same as providing gen-class in the first place.  Generating classes
usable in Java code is
sometimes necessary and as gen-class' feature set becomes more
complete the better it serves users.

> On Mar 24, 9:57 am, Matt Revelle <mreve...@gmail.com> wrote:

> > Support for using JVM annotations with Clojure code has come up
> > several times before,
> > I'd like a feature request issue to be created and to start discussing
> > the implementation.

> > It seems that an "annotations" metadata tag could contain all
> > annotations for an object,
> > and any annotations that persist to runtime would need bytecode
> > emitted.  This appears straightforward,
> > but I wonder if there will be a problem using Method or Parameter
> > annotations.

> > The motivation for this is to support Java libraries which depend on
> > annotations at runtime for discovery and metadata persistence.
> > Being able to integrate a class generated by gen-class with, for
> > example, a Java project using Guice would be handy.

> > Thoughts?

> > -Matt

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