On Sep 27, 2010, at 9:45 AM, Glen Rubin wrote:

> I have a vector of numbers
> [0 99 3334 53 2 5 99 2 55 63]
> I'd like to find the first index of a particular value.  For example
> if the value was 99 then I want to return 1, b/c the index of 99 is
> 1.  I can do this with a loop/recur structure comparing each value in
> the list to my desired value, however am wondering if there isn't a
> built-in for doing so??  thanks again!

In general, 'some' is used for linear searches. Given a vector 'v':

(some #(and (= 99 (v %)) %) (range 0 (count v)))

This is awkward because you're asking for the index and not the value itself. 
Index-based array manipulation is not often used in Clojure.

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