Fellow Clojurists - 

I'm happy to announce new releases of both Glow and Ultra. 

Glow <https://github.com/venantius/glow> is a library for syntax 
highlighting of Clojure source code. It uses ANTLR for parsing and lexing, 
which allows you to bypass concerns about accidentally evaluating the input 
source code while getting better performance than Instaparse. Glow is 
capable of generating ANSI highlighting for the terminal, or HTML/CSS 
highlighting for the web.

Glow 0.1.4 is a fairly simple update, just updating the underlying 
dependencies on clj-antlr and on ANTLR itself.

Ultra <https://github.com/venantius/ultra> is a Leiningen plugin for a 
superior development environment. It provides a colorized REPL, a 
syntax-highlighted version of `source` (powered by Glow), better data 
structure diffs for test output, and nicer stacktraces. 

Ultra 0.5.0 includes a number of changes, including:

   - Better test reporting on logical expressions
   - ...faster initialization time and a smaller footprint overall
   - ...several bugfixes

Future releases will do your laundry and write your application code for 

Happy hacking,

 - Venantius

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