Hi Clojurians,

I am happy to announce clj-xchart <https://hypirion.github.io/clj-xchart/>! 
XChart <http://knowm.org/open-source/xchart/> is a lightweight charting
library for Java. clj-xchart wraps this library and tries to be a
succinct yet evident charting library for Clojure. The library can
emit the following chart types:

- Line charts
- Scatter charts
- Area charts
- Bar charts
- Histogram charts
- Pie charts
- Donut charts
- Bubble charts
- Stick charts

It also provides the following useful features:

- Easy to compare, view and make charts from a REPL
- Logarithmic axes
- Number, Date and Category X-Axis
- Export to png, gif, jpg, svg, pdf and eps
- Extensive customisation

Note that clj-xchart is a Clojure only library; if you need
interactive or animated charts in a web browser, then this library
will not help you with that. However, if you need png/jpg/svg/pdfs of
charts, then this may be a viable option.

To see a couple of example charts, along with the code required to
generate them, head over to the examples page 

The tutorial 
<https://github.com/hyPiRion/clj-xchart/blob/0.2.0/docs/tutorial.md> for 
the current release should give you a good
introduction in how to use the library, and the render options page 
page has additional information about how to style the charts. The
majority of all commits and work has been related to examples and
documentation, and I hope this will make the library easy to use.

The source code is over at https://github.com/hyPiRion/clj-xchart

Suggestions and contributions are welcome!

-- Jean Niklas

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