Hi All, 

I am pleased to announce the release of graphql-clj, a library that 
provides GraphQL implementation in Clojure.


For those who are not familiar with GraphQL. GraphQL is a query language 
for APIs and a runtime for fulfilling those queries with your existing 
data. For more details about GraphQL: http://graphql.org. 

There is also a starter project for you to try graphql-clj and GraphiQL in 
3 minutes. 


graphql-clj is a native Clojure implementation of GraphQL specification (

Things have been implemented so far:

1. A parser using instaparse. It supports both GraphQL schema and query.

2. A schema system represent GraphQL type system.

3. A validator using clojure.spec. (Special thanks to Edward Wible)

4. An execution engine supports GraphQL query and mutation.

5. Introspection query support.

Thanks a lot to Edward Wible for his significant contribution on all parts 
of this library. 

This is library was made possible with contributions of: 

   - Edward Wible
   - Marcin Kulik
   - Feifan Zhou
   - Oleh Palianytsia
   - David Adair
   - Yannick Scherer

This library is under active development. Any feedback is welcome, 
especially github PR and issues. 


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