Hi folks

We’re moving the Clojars infrastructure from Linode to the very kind folks
at Rackspace. We’re getting close, and have a test server setup at
beta.clojars.org. It has a copy of the live database as of a day ago, and
is mirroring JARs from the live server. We’ve done testing of what we can,
and everything looks ok, but there may be something we’ve missed.

*N.B.* All state on this server is temporary and will be wiped at the end
of the testing period. Make sure to do any real deploys to clojars.org

*What we need from you:*
We need testing from people running different setups, to make sure this
isn’t going to break things for you. If you’re running any kind of unusual
setup (OS, JDK, environment, network), we especially need you to test it.
To test this, follow the instructions at Mirrors

In a nutshell, update your ~/.lein/profiles.clj to have this:

:user {:repositories [["clojars" {:url "https://beta.clojars.org/repo/"}]]
       ;; deploy-repositories is optional
       :deploy-repositories [["clojars" {:url
"https://beta.clojars.org"; :username :gpg :password :gpg}]]

       ;; other :user profile settings...

(You can always see the canonical Clojars mirrors at

If you have issues, either reply to this email, or open an issue on GitHub

This is the first in a series of infrastructure enhancements coming over
the next few months to improve the speed, stability, and security of

A special thanks goes to all of the people supporting Clojars at
Bountysource <https://salt.bountysource.com/teams/clojars>, we really
appreciate your support.


Your friendly neighbourhood Clojars caretakers.
Toby and Daniel.

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