We've just released v0.3.2
<https://github.com/Day8/re-frame-10x/releases/tag/0.3.2> which has two
small improvements:


   - Updated cljs-devtools <https://github.com/binaryage/cljs-devtools> to
   0.9.10, which includes a fix to render ClojureScript 1.10's MapEntry's in a
   cleaner fashion. Note, if you are using cljs-devtools directly (and you
   should be!) you will need to update your own version to 0.9.10 or higher.
   - Efficiently print results in the code browser, so you only have to pay
   for the cost of printing what is visible, not the entire data structure.
   This should result in a big performance boost on apps which have a lot of
   data in app-db.

Let us know if you have any issues or questions, either here, on #re-frame
in Clojurians Slack, or on GitHub.

On Thu, Apr 5, 2018 at 8:43 PM Daniel Compton <
daniel.compton.li...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Today we announce v0.3.1
> <https://github.com/Day8/re-frame-10x/releases/tag/0.3.1> of
> re-frame-10x. It contains three headline features,
> plus a few smaller fixes and quality of life improvements.
> *Demo App *
> Want to see it in action easily? Run TodoMVC with re-frame-10x attached:
> https://jacekschae.github.io/conduit-re-frame-10x-demo/
> *Replay Button*
> There's a new "Replay" button that lets you re-run an event (generally
> after tweaking some code).  This enables what we have salaciously named the 
> HotPlay
> workflow
> <https://github.com/Day8/re-frame-10x/blob/master/docs/HyperlinkedInformation/ReplayButton.md>.
> Good luck resisting.
> *REPL capture*
> We've linked
> <https://github.com/Day8/re-frame-10x/blob/master/docs/HyperlinkedInformation/UsingTheRepl.md>
> re-frame-10x with your browser-connected REPL. It is easy now to experiment
> directly with captured trace data using the full power of ClojureScript.
> We've also written some docs
> <https://github.com/Day8/re-frame-10x/blob/master/docs/HyperlinkedInformation/UsingTheRepl.md>
> on how to use this.
> Our thanks to Val Waeselynck for his scope capture
> <https://github.com/vvvvalvalval/scope-capture> library, which acted as
> an inspiration.
> *Code tracing indentation*
> Traced code is now displayed with indentations - traced forms deeper
> in the stack are more deeply indented - which visually communicates context
> and structure.
> The full release notes are available
> <https://github.com/Day8/re-frame-10x/releases/tag/0.3.1> on GitHub.
> Let us know if you have any issues or questions, either here, on #re-frame
> in Clojurians Slack, or on GitHub.

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