Hi.When I click "Browse source" or "Browse build" location buttons in the GUI I 
get an error dialog saying that "URL cannot be listed file://" followed by 
another dialog "Malformed URL".    
   - I built and reinstalled CMake from source but the problem persists.   

   - I searched the web but could not find anyone reporting this issue for 
   - When I launch CMake-gui from terminal, when I click the Browse buttons it 
prints "kf5.kio.core: Refilling KProtocolInfoFactory cache in the hope to find 
"file"" in the terminal. I tried looking up for this message but again I could 
not find anything about CMake.
Please let me know if you need some logs.
Machine: x64, Manjaro KDE Plasma 5.7, Qt 5.7 Nvidia GTX 960m, i7-6700 HQ

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