cmake 3.6.2, osx 10.12
We've started to get this problem with DragNDrop, only in our Jenkins build 
job. Running manually or calling hdiutil directly works 100%.
It's only when cmake runs through the job does the problem happen. I've been 
through all the verbose/debug (even 'diskarbitrationd -d') I can but still 
don't have a clue what's causing the fault.

I need output from the hdiutil command at CPackDragNDropGenerator.cxx:258

I wish it was more like CPackOSXX11Generator/CPackPackageMakerGenerator which 
saves to hdiutilOutput.log
And as an added bonus if there was a CMake option to enable -debug on hdiutil, 
that would be awesome.

cmCPackDragNDropGenerator.cxx:258 Error executing:
/usr/bin/hdiutil create -ov -srcfolder "/Volumes/DRIVE1/xxx" -volname "xxxxx" 
-format UDRW "/Volumes/DRIVE1/xxx/build/_CPack_Packages/DragNDrop/temp.dmg"
cmCPackDragNDropGenerator.cxx:430 Error generating temporary disk image.
cmCPackGenerator.cxx:973 Problem compressing the directory
cpack.cxx:391 Error when generating package: newpackagexxx

Any tips or clues greatly appreciated

Chris Cralle


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