Hi Andy,

My build supports several operating systems, including NaCl. The way I solved 
this problem, essentially, is every place you would normally call 
target_link_libraries, you replace it with a call to 
LinkPossiblyPrebuiltLibraries, which is a macro I have defined like this:

macro (LinkPossiblyPrebuiltLibraries artifactName)
    foreach (nextLibrary ${ARGN})
        if (NACL AND (CMAKE_GENERATOR MATCHES "Visual Studio.*"))
            # CMake spits out -l<fully-qualified-path>, which throws off 
clang++ and results in
            # libraries that can't be found. So instead we explicitly add 
-l<libname> and
            # -L${LIBS_DIR}
            set_property (TARGET ${artifactName} APPEND_STRING PROPERTY 
LINK_FLAGS " -l${nextLibrary}")
            get_target_property (IsImported ${artifactName} "IMPORTED")
        else ()
            target_link_libraries (${artifactName} ${nextLibrary})
        endif ()
    endforeach ()
endmacro ()

Then separately I add in the link directory:

if (CMAKE_GENERATOR MATCHES "Visual Studio.*")
    link_directories ("${LIBS_DIR}/$(Configuration)/${CpuArchSubdir}")
else ()
    link_directories ("${NACL_SDK_ROOT}/lib/pnacl/${CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE}")
endif ()

There may very well be some mistakes in there, because I’ve simplified some 
things that aren’t pertinent to this discussion. I should also point out that I 
gave up on the Visual Studio NaCl toolchain somewhere around the pepper_35 
days, because it became apparent that Google wasn’t putting much effort into 
keeping it a going concern when the equivalent Linux/MacOSX toolchains worked 
just fine. I guess things have improved since then?

Parag Chandra
Technical Lead, Mobile Team
Mobile: +1.919.824.1410

Ionic Security Inc.
1170 Peachtree St. NE STE 400, Atlanta, GA 30309

From: CMake <cmake-boun...@cmake.org> on behalf of Andy Yelland 
Date: Tuesday, October 18, 2016 at 1:56 PM
To: "cmake@cmake.org" <cmake@cmake.org>
Subject: [EXTERNAL]: [CMake] Visual Studio generator, cross-compiling

Hi there

I am trying to coax a Cmake generation of a Visual Studio project of our 
cross-platform product, that includes the PNaCl platform.  The MSBuild setup 
for PNaCl is a little bit fussy, and does not like the relative pathnames in 
<AdditionalDependencies>, that get produced when the product has 
target_link_libraries setup between the static libraries in the product.  For 
the sake of this mail I'll call the library project 'LibProject', which as it's 
based on unix toolchain, will get the static lib created as libLibProject.a.  
To be used as a command-line on the PNaCl cross-compiler, then it needs to get 
translated to -lLibProject  (without the lib prefix, or the .a suffix).

So going into the Visual Studio generator for the EXE project, at present are 
the relative paths (will use Debug for this example):  
../LibProject/Debug/libLibProject.a  which gets added to the 
<AdditionalDependencies> tag in the .vcxproj

To make the PNaCl MSBuild extension work, then instead it needs to be:

  *   <AdditionalDependencies>LibProject</AdditionalDependencies>

I am well aware that these get set by the cmake functions: 
target_link_libraries() and link_directories(), so feel this ought to be 
possible by Cmake script.

What I'm struggling with, is finding *a place* where I can:

  *   Query all the libraries that have become dependent on a target (the input 
to the Generator).  As target_link_libraries cascade, so my EXE project does 
not know about all of its leaf libraries, so I'm not really sure if there is a 
target property with ALL the dependent static library projects)
  *   Adjust this list, stripping: path, 'lib' and '.a'
  *   Inserting link_directories (or the equivalent, presuming it's some target 
property now), corresponding to the relative paths that were stripped in the 
step above

All of this would need to happen, after we've finished setting up the target, 
but before the generator.  Ideally this would be something I defined in the 
ToolChain folder - but I can't think of any kind of callback in the CMake 

I'm open to other suggestions, about how to setup this visual studio 
cross-compile.  While PNaCl + MSDev may be rare, I feel that cross-compiling 
for other unix systems with -l and -L library and path command-lines ought to 
have been done before with Visual Studio generators.

Thanks in advance


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