On 8/8/17, Jom O'Fisher <jomofis...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Yeah, we'd like to support any CMake more recent than 3.7.0 (which is the
> first version to support server mode). So your fork would need to be based
> on a somewhat recent CMake. We probably wouldn't support a path directly in
> build.gradle since that is typically a source controlled artifact. We'd let
> you set a file path in local.properties and/or specify a CMake version
> number in build.gradle where we'd search for it in some well-known
> locations.

I think I could live with local.properties. Any chance you could fast
track this and get it in soon?

Somewhat coincidentally, my fork of CMake happened close to the time
of where the Google fork seemed to happen. I tried the merge. I got
tons of conflicts for other things, not my changes. I'm about half-way
resolving them...but my changeset is relatively small so I've been
thinking I might just manually repatch on yours or try the
cherry-picking feature of Git.


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