On 2018-02-13 15:22+0100 Mario Emmenlauer wrote:

I'm 99% certain that this variable [the CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH
environment variable] is not defined, because I build
from a standard Cygwin shell started from a gitlab runner. But there
might be another piece of evidence that can help us further. When I
build as outlined above (here for reference):

   /mingw64/bin/cmake /d/tmp/sources \
       -DCMAKE_PREFIX_PATH="/d/dest/thirdparty;/d/dest/binaries" && \
   make && make install

then the find_xxx() commands will work, but the cmake package
configurations fail. To get them also to work, I can switch to
Windows path styles:

   /mingw64/bin/cmake /d/tmp/sources \
       -DCMAKE_PREFIX_PATH="D:\\dest\\thirdparty;D:\\dest\\binaries" && \
   make && make install

then *everything* will work. So this should clarify that my POSIX path
was not automatically translated before, otherwise both invocations
would be identical, and the cmake package configurations should still

PS: Note that the source directory is *still* in POSIX path notation :-)

Hi Mario:

My understanding is that POSIX-style CMAKE PATH variables must be
colon-delimited.  So what does your CMakeCache.txt file say about
CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH with the semicolon delimiter you used above in your
first (POSIX) variant, and just as an experiment what happens with
that cache file and also your results with that first version if you
change the semicolon to a colon, i.e.,

    /mingw64/bin/cmake /d/tmp/sources \
        -DCMAKE_PREFIX_PATH="/d/dest/thirdparty:/d/dest/binaries" && \
    make && make install


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