Am 14. Februar 2018 21:47:24 MEZ schrieb Kim Walisch <>:
>Thanks, I got it working!
>Unfortunately I could not make the generator expression work inside
>, here is the error message:
>CMake Error:
>  Error evaluating generator expression:
>    $<BUILD_SHARED_LIBS:libprimesieve>
>  Expression did not evaluate to a known generator expression
>Note that in my main CMakeLists.txt the generator expression worked
>fine. But I figured out I don't actually need the generator expression,
>the following code inside my does the trick:

This is IMHO using the wrong variable! This variable tells that I want to build 
MY libs as static, not that I want to link 3rdParty libs statically!
At least this is surprising behavior.

OTOH and luckily, there are still the real targets to choose from.

>This trick is also used by the c-ares library:

Others also doing this wrong does not make it any better.


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