When I ran into the same issue, my workaround was to use file properties to set dependencies between files, but I don't think it is very robust solution. Would be curious to hear if there is a better way to do it.



On 2/5/19 2:55 PM, Guido Giuntoli wrote:
Hi I have a Fortran project with the following order

src/module_1.f90     (Fortran Modules)
src/... (more files)

file(GLOB SOURCES src/*.f90)
add_executable(MyExec SOURCES)

module_1 depends on module_2 and when is compiling module_1.f90 I get the dependency error :

Fatal Error: Can't open module file ‘module_2.mod’ :for reading at (1):  No existe el fichero o el directorio (*The file does not exist*).

Thanks, Guido.


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