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> Hi,
> I'm building llvm project with CMake.
> While build process is compiling the code I prefer running "make -j3" on
> my 4 core pc (bumping processor to 100% on 3 of 4 cores and using up ~5 GB
> of ram - part of it is system and not build related).
> While build process is linking I must run "make" with a single job because
> otherwise I run out of memory (cores do little work but ram usage goes past
> 23 GB).
> Currently I'm handling this so that I first run "make -j3" and once I get
> to about 90% (first larger linking) I hit ctrl+c and run "make".
> Is there a feature in CMake that would support handling this transition of
> parallel builds, sequential linking out of the box?
> (while I'm mostly interested in Linux/make support, having the same
> feature for Windows/nmake/ninja through the same command line cmake command
> would be even better)

This is available for Ninja with the JOB_POOL_LINK
<https://cmake.org/cmake/help/latest/prop_tgt/JOB_POOL_LINK.html> target
property, the default for which can be set project-wide with the
You can control the number of parallel jobs for a given pool with the
JOB_POOLS <https://cmake.org/cmake/help/latest/prop_gbl/JOB_POOLS.html> global

Craig Scott
Melbourne, Australia

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