Currently using CMake 3.13.3 on Windows 10. I have “installed” cmake through 
the .zip download and placed it in E:\DREAM3D_SDK\ cmake-3.13.3-win64-x64. 


If I now try to use that cmake to configure my source codes I get very strange 
errors (It cannot parse a simple project command) and then complains that it 
cannot find a CMake_MAKE_PROGRAM matching the “-G Ninja”.


I then went back to using the same version of CMake, but placed on the 
C:/DREAM3D_SDK/cmake-3.13.3-win64-x64 and now everything works as in the past, 
no problems. I have a .bat file that sets up my environment with needed paths 
and such. The ONLY difference between the 2 invocations was that I changed the 
path to reflect the alternate location of CMake. I can have 2 difference 
command prompts open based on this difference and one works and one does not. 

Was/Is there a known limitation where CMake _must_ be run from the C: drive?



Michael Jackson | Owner, President

      BlueQuartz Software




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