Now sells only MFDs with optional add-ons.  Like autopilots, VHF radios,
standalone instruments...

Soooo, after a some very cordial discussion with Raymarine this week, I
learned it is impossible to update the firmware on any of the thousands of
dollars of brand new stuff on Windstar, unless I also buy a Raymarine MFD.

This is an interesting throwback strategy in this app/software/digital age,
kinda like finding out after the fact that you need to buy a $2000 Macbook
Air to update your iphone.   (Let em try that on a millenial!)

To be fair, they were quite cordial and genuinely responsive, but their
suggestions that I
-  borrow a MFD from a friend,
-  disassemble my boat and ship the bits to them when they issue an update,
-  -  hire one of their 'best in the business' techs to visit,
-   or just buy one of their excellent MFDs!
left me a bit cold.  Now I'm REALLY not gonna buy one.

I did some cursory checking, and other vendors don't take this approach.

Caveat emptor.


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