My Garmin GPSMap 740 plotter uses a SD Card to update firmware after 
downloading the file to the SD card from a computer which in turn gets the file 
from the internet.

Halifax, NS

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LOL, OK, should not have implied ALL other vendors, but my cursory search found 
this this N2K to USB cable for your (?) B&G triton/navico/simrad.  Looks like 
its used in conjunction with a laptop and free dowloadable software.  You can 
also use a MFD,but are not forced to.
The Windows 8 software tool

I also checked ICOM, Furuno...
It did appear that Airmar required one of their weather stations as an 
interface to update their sensors,but I did not explore this,nor how other 
manufacturers update their Airmar-made sensors.

I'm sure there are situations where manufacturers attempt to promote a 
proprietary, closed-shop approach to updating but most of those i found did not.
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Other vendors don't take this approach?  Sure they do.  I've got B&G Triton 
displays - can't do any updating on them without a B&G MFD.  Same is true with 
all that I'm aware of.  And I'd love to buy a Maretron ultrasonic tank level 
sender, it is N2K - but to calibrate it I also have to buy one of their 
displays, which I have no other use for.

Graham Collins
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