Thanks for the info. I have my new Raymarine EV-100 autopilot sitting in a box at home waiting to be installed - I too got the email indicating there was a wonderful software upgrade, with better course management etc etc etc. I looked into the info far enough to see that I didn't have the right gear to use the update and gave up.

In my case the boat only has speed and depth (from the 80's) -- I figured that Raymarine is the most likely ecosystem as I add future gear - so the Raymarine auto pilot made sense.

I agree with the frustration of proprietary systems - but it seems we don't learn these issues until we've already paid to play. One thing I've learned from other listers here is that I'm better off with one manufacturer rather than trying to mate together systems.


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On 2016-09-20 11:44 PM, Dave via CnC-List wrote:
Graham/all - to be clear, to me the issue is not so much being able to update 
one Manufacturer's firmware from another's device, it's about not being able to 
update it at all, without a MFD  (hence the 'accessories to MFD subject line'). 
 Raymarine could easily have elected to permit updates by some other means at 
the network level or at the device, but didn't.

Read the manual before buying?  Just dug them out and here's  what it says in 
my pristine p70 autopilot controller manual:

'- software revision
Raymarine regularly updates product software to add new features and improve 
existing functionality.  This document covers lighthouse version 3.xx which 
should be used in conjunction with ev... Blah blah
Check the raymarine website to ensure you have the latest software and user 

That's all it says, and I'm a bit surprised.      They address that software 
updates  are part of ownership, and (rightly) offer and encourage the happy new 
autopilot purchaser to update their software, even helpfully directing them to 
the website.    (Sounds great, here's my money!). One minor detail seems to 
have been omitted...

It been an interesting topic to explore, with interesting perspectives.   I'll  
figure out a way to sort it.   I like the raymarine instruments and their 
people were accessible and courteous.  The more I dig into it though, the more 
convinced I am that their approach to this is unethical, irrespective of how 
one might feel about their broader strategy.   (The manual ices it.). Anyway, 
now we know, as will others who read the discussion.

I didn't hate them, but I'm starting to.

Mic drop... ;-)


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You Ray haters kill me...   just kidding!  But sometimes it pays to read
the manual before you buy, and they are all available online these days.

That Garmin thing is a cool solution, I like it.  The Navico (B&G)
version doesn't seem to be available anywhere, so that may have been a
possible route to firmware updates but no longer...

I guess my conclusion early on was to get a MDF that goes with the big
electronics on the boat, so my a75 MDF can update my EV200 autopilot.
And IMHO it makes sense to have the same brand of anyway, so that you
are sure they will work together as best they can.  My wind/speed/depth
system, since it is B&G, is essentially orphaned.  I'm not so concerned
with that.  And I am quite happy with my Raymarine gear, whereas I've
had two Triton displays malfunction on me in the same 3 seasons.

As to why you can't update one companies gear from another companies
MDF, I can't see any company signing up for that - say I update my B&G
firmware over my Ray MDF, and next thing my Triton displays are bricks -
who do I call to get it resolved? That would not be a fun day.

Graham Collins
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This list is supported by the generous donations of our members. If you like 
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