Just wanted to share a site I saw with polars for a few different C&C models: 

If you look at the list of boats in the left-hand column (or search for "C&C" 
on the page), you'll see the following models: 
* C&C 30 (this is the new one-design version, I can tell from the boat speeds 
downwind - it planes :) 
* C&C 30E (this is the European edition of the C&C 30, apparently built & sold 
* C&C 37 
* C&C 38 
* C&C 110 
* C&C 115 
Just click on one of those boats and you'll see its polar diagram and polar 

I realize that polars are very boat-specific and sail-specific, but at least 
here are some data points. For example the other week I took a couple hundred 
pounds of stuff off my boat, emptied the tanks, and cleaned the bottom, and I 
think it made a difference in light air. But my sails are old and tired, so I 
know my boat's polars will change again when I get new sails and a folding 

For us software developers on the list, it almost looks like this guy 
@Jietermanis might have github-hosted software to create polar diagrams from 
user-supplied polar table CSVs. I've tweeted him for more information. 

Last night I got my SailTimer Wind Instrument installed at the masthead, so 
when I go out tomorrow afternoon the SailTimer App will be able to learn one 
polar curve for my boat, assuming I'm optimally trimmed on all points of sail. 
The wind is now forecast to be blowing 15 gusting 20, so hopefully I can get 
polar data with the same sails I race under (full main and 155 genoa, no 
spinnaker). If the wind gets much stronger I might have to reduce sail, so the 
polar data wouldn't be representative of my normal racing configuration. 

Best Regards, 
Randy Stafford 
S/V Grenadine 
C&C 30-1 #7 
Ken Caryl, CO 

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