I got free O'day 22 as my first sailboat. Needed everything but the hull was in good shape. I went through the whole damn boat including new engine rigging, sails, bulkhead, teak toe rails, rub rail, various deck core/ rebed projects and crack fixes. The boat came out really nice but, I had dumped about 8 or 9k into it and sold it for $4800 after I got the viking 33, That boat was a similar story but, I paid $5k for it and dumped about 25k into it and sold it for $18,900 with a similar list of renovations including nav instruments, electrical wiring and all new head and plumbing holding talk... blah, blah, blah. I don't really complain because of the education in sailboat's inner workings and the warm and fuzzy feeling of saving another old, plastic boat from the scrap heap. Both of those boats, potentially, will have many more years of life out sailing. Funny thing is that they were both bought bought by new sailors who happened to be of the fairer sex, for whatever that is worth...

but, a boat sitting holding 18 inches of water for god knows how long and leaks, and blisters...OMG I'm getting nauseated thinking about it... The hammer and thumb analogy is awesome Joel!!!

Tartan 40
Mattapoisett, MA


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