The only reason I worry about the mast leak is water in the bilge in the 
winter. It’s probably from being a submariner for close to 20 years, that in my 
mind water in the bilge is a big “No No”. I don’t want it turning to ice and 
causing problems. I have a bottle that catches most of the water that drips to 
the mast step, but when we have a couple of deluge days like we had yesterday 
in CT the bottle over flows into the bilge. I poured a little anti-freeze in 
the bilge at the beginning of the season to keep any over flow from freezing, 
and that worked pretty well. Since it was warm out today I vacuumed everything 
out and it’s dry but who knows in the next 2-3 months how many more 3-4 inches 
of rain days we’re going to have. Any other suggestions on rain water in the 
bilge and how to deal with it in the winter would be great.
Also, I think I’m going to leave the keel bolts just like they are and inspect 
on a regular basis. They seem to be fine and the previous owners left them that 
way and they seemed to know what they were doing. So I’ll just keep an eye on 
it. Thanks again.


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