Hello all,
I am considering replacing our sunbrella bimini with a hard top version to make 
it so that we won't have to replace it again (at least not in my boat ownership 
lifetime) and to provide a smooth base for mounting semi-flexible solar panels. 
 Have any of you done this yourself?
I found this company selling ones the make:  Photos | Hard To Top

|   |  
Photos | Hard To Top
 Hard to Top boat hardtops are custom made for each boat's specifications and 
are attached to the boat's ...  |  |


They quoted me $649 for a 6' x 9' top using my existing stainless frame.  
Shipping was about $150 on top of that.  

This seems pretty reasonable, but I'd like your thoughts.  Also, what do you 
thing about the look of it? 

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts,  Bruce Whitmore

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