Happy spring??  I recall someone commented on priming and/or painting the
smoke-tint plexiglass edge areas,  prior to installing, to hide the the VHB
and Dow 795, so all does not show through the smoke plexi against the white
cabin side along those edge areas.

I have the window dug out, whew, and cleaned up with Mechanica silicone
remover and mineral spirits.  I actually lost only three patches of knuckle
skin. I have also sanded the receiving perimeter of the plexi where it will
make contact with the tape and/or paint.

I could not find the mention of the painting step in the archive.  Has
anyone painted this and have advice?  I purchased a can of Krylon High-bond
plastic paint in flat black. It's waiting in the barn...  Thoughts?

*Chuck Saur*
​Morning Sky
C&C 35-3

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