I hope it doesn’t undermine the VHB. Here is where I got the idea...  there
is another thread somewhere about it too but can’t find it now

“If the color of your plastic is not dark enough to hide the grey tape (and
sealant), you may want to paint the inside perimeter of the pane. This will
also protect the adhesives from potential UV attack, but the bond strength
will depend on the paint adhesion. According to some professionals,
silicone-based, high-temperature exhaust paint is both compatible and
tenacious. The area to be painted is the area exposed when you remove the
ring of film.” Don Casey

On Mar 13, 2018, at 10:42 AM, Matthew L. Wolford <wolf...@erie.net> wrote:

Won’t that undermine the bond with the 3M tape?

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My plan is to paint the acrylic underside with VHT Silicone header spray
paint.  Saw this recommended on a forum somewhere .  Anyone try this?  Good
or bad idea?

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> Subject: Stus-List Reinstalling plexi windows...again.
> Happy spring??  I recall someone commented on priming and/or painting the
> smoke-tint plexiglass edge areas,  prior to installing, to hide the the VHB
> and Dow 795, so all does not show through the smoke plexi against the white
> cabin side along those edge areas.
> I have the window dug out, whew, and cleaned up with Mechanica silicone
> remover and mineral spirits.  I actually lost only three patches of knuckle
> skin. I have also sanded the receiving perimeter of the plexi where it will
> make contact with the tape and/or paint.
> I could not find the mention of the painting step in the archive.  Has
> anyone painted this and have advice?  I purchased a can of Krylon High-bond
> plastic paint in flat black. It's waiting in the barn...  Thoughts?
> *Chuck Saur*
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