I would suggest thinking very hard if you need AGMs. They are more expensive 
and require much better management and maintenance (i.e. quite specific 
charging regime). In normal use, they won't last longer, either.

If you are forced to have a battery in the enclosed compartment (in your 
cabin), you may consider a gel battery - non-spillable and virtually, no 
off-gassing. From what I understand, they are less sensitive to variations in 
charging voltage (you can use a standard charger).

Many people had decent results with standard wet lead-acid deep cycle batteries 
from Costco. Since you are in Toronto, personally, I would stay far, far away 
from Canadian Tire.

Others would probably chime in on various brands that do (or don't) work on 
their boats.

1994 C270 Legato
Ottawa, ON

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Hello everyone,

I need to replace my house battery and my engine battery (atomic 4).  I also 
have a dedicated battery for my Windless (don't ask).

Any suggestions.  I currently have 31 AGMs.

Thanks everyone.

Glen Eddie

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