Last year when we installed a new engine we had the local mechanic do two 
things. Align the engine and do the wiring. This is question about the wiring 
for people who have the same Blue Sea kit. 

To manage the batteries we are using the Blue Sea Dual Circuit Plus 5511e 
switch and the 7610 ACR. Although we already had the ACR these two combined are 
what Blue Sea call the Add A Battery Kit. Both of these are connected correctly 
but the behaviour seems wrong to us. When we set the 5511e to 'Off" it turns 
only one of the batteries off. In our case it leaves the house battery 
connected through the switch and disconnects the starter battery. Using and ohm 
meter with the batteries disconnected we have found that in the 'Off' position 
only one side of the switch is closed and the other open. So it is the switch 
doing this, not some bad wiring going to the house. This seems like a faulty 
switch to us. 

Here is the catch. We contacted the company that sold us the switch and 
installed it, Gartside, and they said that is the way it is supposed to work. 
It should only turn off the starter battery. I have looked at all the Blue Sea 
material and this seems wrong to me, according to the literature, but it never 
specifically says what is done in the 'off' position, but it certainly seems to 
imply that both sides should be turned on and off simultaneously. It also has a 
combined mode, but that is a separate thing. 

Does anyone else have this setup and how does yours work. 

Andante, C&C 34 
Victoria, BC 

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