I reported back in November that a friends Universal M-25 engine was
overheating. I won't mention it is in a Catalina 36. After investigating,
found the # 2 piston burned badly, head gasket was blown. The decision to
rebuild was made and I proceded to do the work. I replaced the main and rod
bearings ( no real wear noticed), pistons, rings and the head ( almost as
cheap as a rebuild), rebuilt the injectors, and injector pump. We also
installed a new drive plate while the engine was out. After installing the
engine and getting it running (bleeding fuel system) we noticed a large
amount of oil in the cooling system. Oil was coming out of the coolant
I figured the head gasket had failed as I had to remove the head after it
was torqued (don't remember why now), so a new head gasket was installed.
started the engine and same thing again. Oil in the coolant. This time I
pulled the head and pressurized the oil passages. Found air leaking out of
the coolant ports on the head. The drilled oil passage for lubing the
rocker shaft had been drilled into the water jacket. We called Kumar
Brothers ( supplier of head,and good source for Universal engine parts)
Told them what happened and they sent a new head. Going to install it
tomorrow after checking the oil passage for leaks.
When the engine was running it was much smother and quieter than before.

Douglas Mountjoy
Rebecca Leah

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