Hello from frozen Michigan.  I am still spending my kids' inheritance on
deck hardware.

Question for 35-3 owners or others:  Has anyone replaced the aging Schaefer
main traveler?  What advice might you offer...Defender has a sale on Lewmar
traveler kits, size 2 which would offer enough capacity for us.  But...I am
not at the boat, and wonder if the aluminum traveler bridge that houses the
current track will allow the change to Lewmar?  Appears that the
car-mounted cam cleats might be obstructed by the bridge "tray" height in
the mid-section.  The Lewmar track appears lower in the pictures.  Current
Schaefer setup has outboard mounted cam cleats.
Any advice on replacement traveler selection?

PS...Ice fishermen are still driving trucks to shanties on Hessel Bay. Yech.

*Chuck Saur*

​Morning Sky C$C 35-3

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